Celtic Soul, based in Langley, BC


Dan Beer - Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Well, I was born a peasant farmer in the Deep South…
Okay… Southern Canada, in Chilliwack.
And by peasant farmer I mean one of seven kids
My father’s family escaped from the dust bowl that was Saskatchewan in 1933 and moved out to the west coast. His family was from Southern England, Cornwall, and Wales. My mother’s family are English and Scottish. And there is some Irish in there as well.  At least… I feel Irish.

I grew up singing in the choir. My father was a lay minister and a mighty preacher.  He and I did many weddings and funerals together.  I lost count how many times I sang Amazing Grace.

As a teen I was in a few bands.  My first was ‘Butterfly Motion’ a psychedelic pop band with Kevin Ault, Brian Loewen and Wade Cross.  Brian wrote our songs.  Kevin and Brian still gig together.  I am not ruling out a reunion tour.

And I loved singing in ‘Joy Unlimited’ a Christian youth chorus directed by Brian “Hoot” Gibson and his wife Nola.  We remain close friends over those many years.  Hoot and I play golf on occasion.  Nola, a talented visual artist, is one of my favorite singers.

Through university I played solo gigs in pubs around town.  Then it all stopped for a while.  I graduated from UBC with a BComm in Marketing and got married, had three kids, got into industrial sales, coached softball, became President of the CMHDS (Canadian Materials Handling & Distribution Society) and generally focused on life stuff until the children got old enough that they don’t need me as much…

So here we are.  Back into music.  I love writing.  I have been a member of Taxi and SAC.   Done a lot of songwriting workshops,  worked with gifted people like David Sinclair, Jim McGregor and Mark Andrie.  I helped develop an annual Fine Arts Retreat and got involved with the BC Songwriters Showcase. We play original tunes every second Wednesday, at NY Grill & Bistro, in downtown Langley.The Seabillys Premiere CD - Mariner's Tale - DanBeerMusic.com

Now, with my bandmates, The Seabillys have started a new chapter in my musical life.  You can find out more on The Seabillys website, and find out how to get our first CD – ‘Mariner’s Tale’!