Celtic Soul, based in Langley, BC


My songs are a part of who I am, and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing, either on a
scrap of paper, or in my head. The music finds its way out, through my lyrics, and my guitar…

It's Not About The Money - Dan Beer - DanBeerMusic Ugly Truck - Dan Beer - DanBeerMusic

It’s Not About The Money

© Dan Beer

Ugly Truck 

© Dan Beer

I have two solo albums, they are $10 each.*

Every penny gets donated to two charities: World Accord and Orphans Africa

With my band, The Seabillys, we have a just-released CD
that is available for $15, with net proceeds going to charity.

The Seabillys Premiere CD - Mariner's Tale - DanBeerMusic.com

If you would like to order any of them, please drop me an email.

Here are a few samples of my music… hope you enjoy!

Ugly Truck:


Dance In The Kitchen:




Stars And Stripes:

Born during breakfast in a little cafe in Edison, Washington, a group of old, weathered-faced farmers were discussing football in the next booth over. The words “He preaches his sermon on football and on life. More faith than truth he predicts a win at the high school Friday night” came to me. I wrote the song around that. Don McLeod helped me out coming up with a few key rhymes (“Arkansas” and “America”) and helped with setting the scene properly. “He raises the Stars and Stripes before the rooster crows…”

Paint The Town Red:



Written with Jim McGregor for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. This was used to kick off the Langley Torch Relay “Paint The Town Red” campaign. It was then featured on the Canadian Olympic Committee website and was used in several communities across Canada.

Mariner’s Tales:


I love East Coast music.  This is a song I wrote in a traditional style.  I wanted a chorus folks could sing along to… and they certainly do!  My daughter’s grade 4 class was studying famous/historical sailing ships, so I started by listing them… I picked out The Bounty, The Golden Hind, The Victory, The Discovery, The Bluenose, and the Mary Rose… then wrote a song around them.

Dan Beer - Singer / Songwriter / Musician / Recording Artist

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